HMS Victory Cross-Section – Artesania Latina

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Minimum Age 14 Years
Scale 1/72
Model Measurements 120 X 312 X 664 Mm
Base Included? Yes


HMS Victory Cross-Section


The British ship of the line HMS Victory is known for participating in 1805 in the Battle of Trafalgar as flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson against the Spanish Armada. At that time, it was the largest ship in the British Royal Navy. Currently, it is in a dry dock in the port of Portsmouth (Hampshire) in southern England as a museum piece. The English ship HMS Victory remains the flagship of the Second Sea Lord. It is even more important because it is the only ship of the line that has survived to this day in conditions faithful to the originals.

HMS Victory was launched in 1765. The rest of the works such as the rigging, the sails and the armament, among others, were progressively completed until in 1778 the British ship of the line could be in active service.

Two years after being assigned to command HMS Victory, Nelson participated in the Battle of Trafalgar, the most decisive of the Napoleonic Wars, as it was the one that < strong>put an end to the French and Spanish navies, thus offering the United Kingdom a maritime supremacy that would last until the Second World War. However, Nelson did not have the opportunity to learn of his victory, as he died during the battle in the course of a close combat with the Redoutable, a large French ship with 74 guns. From the tops of the Redoutable a marksman then reached Nelson.


Build your 1:72 scale model ship of HMS Victory section, the model of the English ship of the line from the XVIII and XIX Centuries. Its construction system using false keel and frames about the assembly of the miniature to the construction of the real British vessel. This section will allow you to examine in depth the construction and structure of the boat, as well as the detail of its six decks.

HMS Victory model kit contents are wooden parts of high precision laser-cut board, hardwoods, brass and cast iron. Likewise, it includes a small exhibition base with a nominative metal plate, the copper lining of the hull and, as another excellent bonus, 8 die-cast figures among which is that of Vice Admiral Nelson.

For its assembly, you can follow the complete step-by-step guide entirely on video that you can watch for free at Artesania Latina’s Youtube channel. To do this, you can also scan the QR code on the box and on the printed parts list that comes with the box. It will be like a masterclass carried out by our professional modellers. The kit does not contain printed instructions. You can also download the 1:1 plan of the model for free in the button on this sheet called ‘Instructions and Downloadable Content’. Once it is built, the ship of the line section measures 9.44” (240mm) length, 13.58” (345mm) height and 3.58” (91mm) width.