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Gulnara Paddlewheel Steamer (KR20250) Krick Kits of Germany

Built in 1834 in England and placed in the service of the Navy of Sardinia in 1835, the Gulnara is a typical example of the transition from the sailing ship to the steamboat. The steam engine was only to be regarded as a pure auxiliary drive. The ship was still fully sailable. As an observation, escort and passenger ship, the Gulnara did service to Sardinia until 1861. Then it was taken over by the Italian navy.

The Gulnara was equipped with an oscillating steam engine from Fawcett & Preston, Liverpool. A part of the wheel blades could be swung under sails in order to reduce the travel resistance.The model building of the Gulnara is designed in such a way that bulkwork was largely avoided.

This has resulted in a kit that can be successfully built by beginners without problems, as well as the experienced model builder offers many fine details. The frames and keel are already finished sawn. The double-trunked trunking is made from selected truss material. The paddle wheels, rear gallery and many fittings are already in the kit.

Carefully designed blueprints and detailed construction instructions ensure a pleasant and uncomplicated assembly. With the sleek elegant hull, the interesting constructions with kettle and high fireplace, the harmonious sailing is the model of the Gulnara a delicacy from the pioneering days of steamboats. The model, however, is not equipped with a functioning steam engine, since the necessary space is missing.

The kit is designed as a pure stand model.Technical specifications: Scale 1:50 Length overall 1060 mm Width 260 mm Height 575 mm.

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Krick a German company construct excellent quality ship model kits. Hulls are double planked, with pre cut keels and frames. The decks and superstructure are pre cut. The Krick ship model kits come complete with all fittings, plans and English building instructions.