German Type VII U-Boat


Basic kit only. ABS hull. Scale 1:60 Length: 44.09 inches Beam: 4.92.

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German Type VII U-Boat (KR20310)

The Type VII was probably the most well-known submarine in the world, since over 1000 pieces were built in different versions. This type is characterized by its particularly harmonious shape, which is even more similar to a ship than that of modern submarines. This model of the submarine type VII b is a basic kit with all deep-drawn parts made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is needed to build a pure stand model. If you want to make the model rideable and submersible, you need the drive and diving kit.

However, larger depth springs have to be used than the scale models of the standing model. It is not possible to retrofit the stand model from the submachine model. The hull of the submarine type VII b consists of two ABS half-shells, the diving tank, ballast tank and the deck, made of thin material, so that all slots and openings can be clearly seen. The tower construction is also composed of several deep-drawn ABS parts. All fittings as well as the two guns are included in the basic kit.

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