Fluytschip – Kolderstok


Fluytschip Model Kit by Kolderstok, Part # KS007

Scale: 1:72, L: 23.6″ (60 cm), W: 9.4″ (24 cm), H: 21.6″ (55 cm)



The flute ship can be seen as the means of transport of the 17th century.While the origin of the name flute cannot be established with any certainty, its characteristic shape – a convex, pear-shaped hull with a strongly concave top and narrow decks – can plausibly be assumed to be the result of a succession of small developments that started at the end of the 16th century.

This model’s method of construction is different from other models. An oak frame is placed on an MDF base, after which the customized basswood planking is attached to the oak frame. The planking is applied from the keel upwards. After removing the MDF base, a completely hollow hull remains.

The model is in scale 1 to 72 and consists of laser-cut frames, fully cut basswood planking and various laser-cut accessories. The ornaments are fully 3D designed and printed with a very high accuracy. The building instructions are based on photos, and the rigging is based on drawings. The model includes two small boats and a set of sails (self-build, stitching required). The model comes with a basic oak stand.

Basic wooden blocks for the rigging are by default, but the model can be extended with luxurious, authentic blocks for a historically more accurate look.

Difficulty level 4 of 4.

Dimensions of the model when built: length approx. 60 cm, width approx. 24 cm, height approx. 55 cm.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 4 in



The aim of Kolderstok is to offer a high quality range of wooden model boat kits for ships not available elsewhere. Models of famous ships of the Dutch Golden Age, such as those belonging to the VOC (Dutch East India Company), as well as ships famous for the great battles in which they served. Ships under the command of well-known names: Michiel de Ruyter, Marten Harpenszoon Tromp, Jan and Cornelis Evertsen and Adriaen Banckert. Kolderstok models are created using old images and existing models as guidelines, thus ensuring the best possible accuracy. Kolderstok kits consist of laser-cut keel, frames and decks, planking for the hull and decks, masts, yards, rigging and a full set of hand-cast resin ornaments. The ornaments will need a finishing touch. Sails are available as a separate kit. All Kolderstok kits feature pictorial-style instructions with text descriptions given in both Dutch and English.