Excalibur Sword


(MT752) Length: 52″ / Width: 12″ / Weight: 8 lbs

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Excalibur Sword (MT752) Length: 52″ / Width: 12″ / Weight: 8 lbs

Marto Excalibur Swords for sale are made to honor King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. These swords are made in Spain by Marto and measure 48 inches in all.

The 36 1/2 inch unsharpened blade is crafted of tempered 420-J2 stainless steel with an extremely shiny mirror polish.

The blade features black colored elaborate medieval designs and is 5/32nd inch thick.

Adorning the handle and guard are ornate engravings of medieval dragons, gold colored heraldic lions and Celtic patterns.

The wheel pommel, guard and all the fittings are crafted of antique silver-plated cast metal.

The handle is made of cast metal covered in black genuine leather.

Although they are full tang, these popular medieval swords do not include a scabbard and are more suited to be a stunning display collectible.

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Weight 8 lbs