CSS Hunley Submarine – Flagship Models


Scale 1:72


Resin model kit of the CSS Hunley by Flagship. Scale 1:72

H.L. Hunley, a small, hand-powered submarine, was privately built at Mobile, Alabama in 1863.  Following trials in Mobile Bay, she was transported to Charleston, South Carolina in August 1863 to serve in the defense of that port.  On 29 August, while moored to a steamer, the submarine was accidentally pulled over on its side and sank, drowning five members of her crew.  After salvage, she was given a new crew and began a series of tests.

However, during diving trials on 15 October 1863, she failed to surface.  Horace L. Hunley, who was directing her operation, and the rest of her men were drowned.  Not being deterred, the Hunley went on to be the first American submarine to sink a warship in war time.