Conny Nordic Fishing Boat – Turk




Conny Nordic Fishing Boat

L: 62cm
3D printed detailed resin accessories,
interior details,
Remote control kit ready design,
cnc laser cut plates,

Easily understandable detailed plan and construction manual, please note that. no physical instructions or diagrams are included, everything is a digital download

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


Turk Models

Türkmodel, or Turk Model as we have them listed, is a major manufacturer of wooden ship model kits based in Turkey. For the past several years, the company has engaged in the production of wooden model ship and boat kits using computer aided design technology to their create model kits. They have been producing kits under their own label, as well as kits for regional companies like Nordic Class Boats, Modell-Tec, and others. Turk Model’s line up of ship and boat model kits includes fishing boats, passenger ferries, various workboats, recreational sail boats and speed boats, and then some. Note that Turk Model kits do not include the instructions in the box. Instead, you simply download them from the Internet.