Cape Otway Lighthouse 1848 1:72 (ML003)


CAT. NO. ML:003 scale 1:72 height: 32.5 cm


Cape Otway Lighthouse Laser Cut Paper Model No. 3 scale 1:72 height: 32.5 cm Australian lighthouse built in 1848. Laser cut Model includes: -All parts cut by laser-clear acetate for windows-wire for railing-history of lighthouse-building instruction. Please note as with all products in Shipyard’s Paper Model line of kits, this kit does not include paint, glue, frame or greenery. Those items can be bought separately. A list of suggested paints should also be in the kit. Recommended Paints: Acrylic Paints Renesans number: 01, 03, 15, 18, 29, 30.

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Weight 1 lbs