(AM1447) Length 19-1/2″/ Height 17″ / Scale 1:100

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Bluenose (AM1447) Length 19-1/2″/ Height 17″ / Scale 1:100

Bluenose, a 285 ton schooner, is the fantastic winner of the 1921 “International Fisherman’s Trophy”.

This regatta was held, alternate year, off Lunenberg in Nova Scotia and Gloucester in New England.

Entry to the contest was strictly confined to genuine fishing vessels. Bluenose was entered for the challenge in 1921 and from then on she won every single race for which she was entered.

Amati’s plank on bulkhead kit uses laser cut basswood for keel, stern reinforcements, hull supports and other components.

Thin fexible basswood strips are used for hull and deck planking.

Trim pieces are beautiful dark walnut. Fittings consist of true-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood parts.

Two diameters of rigging line, cotton sailcloth and colorful Canadian flag.

Detailed plans and step-by-step illustrated instruction manual from start to finish.

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