Black Prince


(MV46) Length 20.5″/ Height 13.7″ / Scale 1:57

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Black Prince (MV46) Length 20.5″/ Height 13.7″ / Scale 1:57.

A long long time ago, Ben Franklin purchased a small French schooner. He manned the vessel with Portuguese sailors, but appointed an American captain. The ship was nearly invisible at night, as she was painted black above the waterline.

Franklin aptly named her Black Prince and sent her to raid British merchant shipping.

Black Prince gained a reputation as a courageous privateer, taking prizes in the English Channel and even attacking British ships in their home ports. the prizes and booty she captured were sent home to the Colonies to help win the War for Independence.

This kit uses laser cut wooden parts for its single plank-on-bulkhead hull construction.

The fittings consist of wooden grating, belaying pins, blocks and deadeyes, cast metal anchors, silk-screened flags and rigging line.

The kits is armed with four bronzed metal deck cannons and two swivel guns.

There are well drawn plans and illustrated instructions in this kit.

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