Basics of Ship Modeling


This book has been discontinued, stock is limited


Basics of Ship Modeling by Mike Ashey

Launch better ship models than ever before!

Inside his book, Mike Ashey shows you how to remove seams, fix fit problems, improve hull and deck assemblies, fix two piece resin hulls, add super structure detail, measure bend and install photo etched railings and ladders, build photo-etched cranes, catapults and radars, add real chains, drill out gun barrels, detail guns, torpedo tubes and depth charges, detail ship fittings, scratch build and detail superstructure parts, improve masts, add rigging and flags, mask paint apply decals and add weathering.

This is an excellent guide for building a multitude of aquatic vessels. Sadly this book has gone out of print and stock is extremely limited, if you’re curious about model ship construction or are just starting out in the hobby this book is a must have guide. Happy reading!

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