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(BJ-K1050) Length 35″ / Scale 1/4″


America 1851 Yacht (BJ-K1050) Length 35″ / Scale 1/4″

The yacht that started the America’s Cup, After being launched in New York in 1851, the America crossed the Atlantic and challenged the entire fleet of England’s Royal Yacht Squadron. She won, and was awarded a silver trophy that was to become known as the America’s Cup, the most cherished prize in the world of sailing.

This is a plank-on-frame kit, and for advanced modelers only. The interior framework is meticulously detailed, and you can use your own imagination and omit some of the exterior planking to show this fine detail.


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Weight 10 lbs



BlueJacket is one of the leading manufacturers of quality wooden ship model kits. This Maine-based company is perhaps the oldest ship model kit manufacturer, having been in continuous operation since 1905! The company focuses on American subjects. Most kits feature pre-carved solid wood hull, but many kits are laser-cut plank-on-bulkhead and some are even true plank-on-frame kits.

BlueJacket also maintains the Laughing Whale line of kits, which are predominantly small American watercraft. With the demise of Midwest boat kits, these are about the only source for these small subjects. However, you will find them to be excellent quality kits of classic subjects.

Note that BlueJacket kit instructions are provided in english only.
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