5.5″ Straight Nose Hemostat

Adaptable as ultra precision needle nose pliers, fuel line clamps, small vises or heat sinks. 5.0in – 12.7cm



5.5″ Straight Nose Hemostat

Excel Blades – 5.5 in. Straight Nose Hemostat

  • Made from stainless steel
    A stainless steel body with a straight tip. The structured of the tip hemostat aids in picking up unreachable objects.Equipped with a three-level locking position mechanism. Allowing it to lock onto an object at three different degrees of pressure.
    Used with: paper, card-stock, stencils, film, photographs, tape, plastic, cork, wood, vinyl, cloth, leather, cardboard, foam boards and most other light-weight crafting.
    Used for: surgical procedures, crafting, hobbies, jewelry making, etc.
    Used by: trained medical staff, graphic artists, architects, car wrappers, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists, and crafters.
    5.5 IN / 13.9 CM


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Weight 5 lbs