15″ Columbiad Cannon – Flagship Models

Base Diameter: 7.5″
Scale 1:35



The Flagship models Resin kit of the Columbiad gun is a moderate difficulty kit that should be built novice modelers.  The kit includes everything (less rope) shown to build a perfect replica of this famous weapon.

The Columbiad  gun described a class of weapons developed initially by the French for the purpose of gaining longer range naval artillery, incorporating the best qualities of plunging fire from mortars, accuracy of cannons, and the destructive power derived from large caliber explosive shells.  Many of these served on both sides of the American Civil War either by capture or through deliberate development and production.

The 15″ gun could hurl a 150 lb. shell more than 5000 yards from a trajectory of 30 degrees.  This type of raw power could smash just about any wooden hulled ship  into splinters, punch through almost any type of armor plate of the day, or crush any type of fortifications.  The key to the weapon’s success lay mainly in it’s ability to throw projectiles at such high angles; much like a long range mortar.  Many of these weapons were used until late in the 19th century and replaced over a period of years by both Union and Confederate forces as breech loading rifled guns saw improvement.

Base Diameter: 7.5″; Scale 1:35

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in


Flagship Models

Flagship Models kits are all multimedia and feature subjects from the American Civil War era. They consist of cast resin, brass, and photo etch parts. Kits are cast using state of the art molding and casting techniques, guaranteeing you excellent quality. All Flaghip Models kits are designed utilizing the knowledge and research from the Confederate Naval Museum in Columbus Georgia, for the utmost accuracy.